Welcome to Harmony Preschool. We’re so glad you stopped by

We at Harmony Preschool are proud to offer a unique and special environment for young children. As the owner and director of Harmony Preschool, I’d like to share with you our school’s special philosophy.

Harmony is a community and family-based preschool where our objectives are:
  • To continually provide the highest quality developmentally appropriate program available for preschool age children.
  • To provide a caring, and nurturing environment in which each preschooler’s unique interests and learning styles are best able to develop through the use of a variety of materials, designed to foster individual and social growth within a community of peers.
Harmony Pre-School

With this in mind, the teachers at Harmony are selected very carefully. Our teachers are dedicated professionals, who are strongly committed to the school’s philosophy and betterment of the program. Our teaching staff consists of 5 teachers who team-teach together in a mixed age group of children utilizing one another’s strengths. In addition to working with our preschools, each teacher has a responsibility to be a lead teacher for a smaller group of children. These responsibilities include working as a liaison between home and school, writing and implementing an age appropriate lesson 4 times a week for an assigned group of children and conducting parent conferences as needed.

While our teachers are crucial to the quality of the program, we recognize the prepared environment is equally important. We know that to meet the needs of each child in a truly developmentally appropriate environment, it is necessary to continually provide a meaningful, stimulating atmosphere, specifically prepared for all children with a variety of unique learning styles. When a child learns in an environment that allows him/her the freedom to choose, to explore, question, and manipulate, then a child is engaged in meaningful learning, and is sure to feel rewarded with his/her accomplishments. Harmony helps develop the most important skills your child will ever learn: self-reliance and self-empowerment.
Thank you for taking time to inquire about Harmony Preschool. I can assure you that when you select Harmony Preschool for your family you have selected a high quality, community and family based program where peers, not only adults, teach, nurture, love, and care for one another. Please feel free to schedule a tour with me to see for yourself what a great place Harmony Preschool is.



“Harmony Preschool is an amazing community and we are so happy to be a part of the Harmony family. My son started at Harmony last year and has loved every second of his time there. After interviewing six preschools, I knew Harmony was the perfect fit for our little guy the minute I left from my tour. The teachers are loving, supportive, patient and nurturing and the teacher retention is amazing. I love that the Founder/Director is involved and teaches a few days a week. The amount of outdoor time is great and the base in the Montessori philosophy is great for active, eager-to-learn preschoolers. We look forward to sending our younger son there in future years!”

“We looked at many different preschools for our first born son knowing we needing something stable, warm, educational and last but not least fun and boy did we score! We are now on our second child’s enrollment and we couldn’t be happier. The mix of teachers, the curriculum and the special events put on by this engaged staff is just perfect and what we hope every child this age needs and gets to experience. And the neighborhood feel doesn’t hurt either.”

“We couldn’t love Harmony more! Our child’s first year at Harmony has been full of fun, new friends, and wonderful learning. We feel so welcomed by the school and the warm and nurturing teachers. It’s so reassuring to know that our son is in loving hands throughout his school day. Our family thanks you for the hard work and dedication you’ve committed to running a wonderful program. We are so happy to be a part of it!”

“After searching high and low for the perfect preschool, we finally found Harmony. I knew the moment I walked into the school that it would be perfect for our son. It’s a warm, welcoming environment with exceptional teachers, and a fantastic outdoor play area. We are all so proud to be part of the Harmony community and our son looks forward to each new adventurous day there!”

“Harmony provided THE perfect home away from home for my kids. I wanted a preschool that provided fun, safety, learning, and structure, and I wanted all this in an intimate, warm and inviting setting. Forever grateful Harmony exists!”