Because childhood happens only once in a lifetime


Summer Camp

Learning and fun doesn’t take the summer off, it just moves outdoors!

All of this while nurturing our 9 key core values through fun and imaginative weeklong themes. Camp Harmony is led by our dynamic teachers and is designed for children 2 1/2 to 6 years.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Classroom
  • 3 Beautiful Sensory Gardens
  • Science Experiments
  • Performances and Skits On Our Stage
  • Creative Art and Crafts
  • Outdoor Play and Gardening
  • Games and Cooking
  • Laugh Down Waterslides

And So Much More!

Harmony Pre-School
Harmony Pre-School

At Harmony, Learning and Fun Doesn’t Take The Summer Off, It Just Moves Outdoors! GREAT WEEKLY THEMES!

Week 1 | June 3-7 | Dino-mite Dinosaurs

We're sure to have a roaring good time learning about these prehistoric creatures! We'll explore how dinosaurs lived, how they became extinct and the varied kinds of dinosaurs and their unique traits. 

Week 2 | June 10-14 | Camping Out in Colorado!

Get ready for a fun filled Colorado adventure! We'll pitch tents and try our luck at fishing. After making our own binoculars we'll go for a hike and look for Colorado wildlife. Then, when we return to camp, we'll make s'mores and sing around the campfire. 

Week 3 | June 17–21 | 3, 2, 1... BLAST OFF!

Let's blast off together on a spectacular journey around the universe! We'll build our own space ship, put on our spacesuits, and begin our journey into the galaxy! Along the way we'll paint and create our own planets, make our own moon rocks, sample astronaut ice cream and launch our own rockets!

Week 4 | June 24–28 | Carnival Fun!

Everyone gets excited when the carnival comes to town! We'll decorate our bikes and have a parade, then we'll sit back and enjoy some homemade lemonade. Everyone loves the excitement of carnival games, snow cones, and tasting yummy carnival treats. As with any good carnival, silly games and fun will be our guide! 

Week 5 | July 8–12 | Gnomes, Fairies, and a Dash of Magic!!

We will be transforming Harmony into an enchanted forest! Together we’ll make some magic as we create inviting fairy forts in hopes of having the summer gnomes and fairies come visit us. We’ll make our own fairy crowns, gnome hats, paint our faces, and dance with scarves. This is a great session to come and explore your imagination with a dash of magic and a handful of fantasy!

Week 6 | July 15–19 | Pack Your Suits! We're Going to the Beach!

Come make a splash this summer as we transform the school into a beach paradise. We'll cool off with frothy fruits drinks, make our own popsicles and look for seashells. Come along and join us in playing beach games, crafts, and tons of water play!

Week 7 | July 22-26 | Exploring Rainforests!

What a beautiful and fascinating place the rainforest is! Together we will learn about the animals, plants, and insects that call the rainforest home. Join us as we explore the four layers of the rainforest: the emergent, the canopy, the understory, and the forest floor and their colorful inhabitants! 

Week 8- | July 29 - August 2 | Arctic Adventures!

Come with us on a great adventure as we explore the polar regions from far up north to way down south. Together we'll learn how the blubber on a whale keeps this fierce animal warm, we'll learn to walk like a penguin and more! From the camouflaged snow hare to the mighty polar bear, to igloos and icebergs, this is sure to be a cool theme!

Week 9- | August 5-9 | Africa!

This enormous continent is filled with deserts, animals, tribes, and art. We will bring them all together for an overview of this amazing land, its wonderful music, animals, art and the varied traditions of its people. 

Enrollment Form

To enroll your child/children into our Summer Camp, please view the weeks above and decide which ones you would like them to be apart of! Below are the schedule options you can choose from. Once you decide the weeks you want, and the schedule option, fill out the form below and select your week(s) and the schedule option you've chosen!

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

Option 1
T/TH half days
9:00- 12:30
$115.00 per session
Option 4
M/W/F full days
9:00- 3:00
$240.00 per session
Option 2
T/TH full days
9:00- 3:00
$175.00 per session
Option 5
M-F mornings
9:00- 12:30
$220.00 per session
Option 3
M/W/F half days
9:00- 12:30
$165.00 per session
Option 6
M-F full days
9:00- 3:00
$340.00 per session

*** All Harmony Summer Camp participants must be potty trained. Your child will need a change of clothing, light jacket, and a lunch from home. Please apply sunscreen to your child each morning prior to camp. All children attending summer camp must have documentation of up to date complete vaccinations, a current physical from your doctor, and a completed registration card (front and back). If your child currently attends Harmony, no additional forms will be necessary. To reserve your spot fill out a registration form and return it to the school. Tuition for sessions 1-4 must be paid for no later than May 31st and tuition is due for sessions 5-9 no later than June 28th. All tuition must be paid prior to your child attending camp. We must have 8 or more children in each camp session to run. We will confirm your child’s registration once your form has been received. Sorry, there are no discounts, refunds or exchanges given during summer camp.